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BC Series DC Brushless Barrier Gate – M Gate

BC Series DC Brushless Barrier Gate

Model: M Gate

Features and Specifications

The BC Series DC Brushless Barrier Gate “M Gate” uses advanced international technology with an integrated mechanical and electrical design. It offers automated and intelligent operations, ensuring convenience, safety, and speed for users.

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Functions and Features

  • Efficient DC brushless motor and precise gear reducer drive with integrated mechanical and electrical control. This ensures flexible, convenient operation, safe, reliable use, and maintenance-free performance.
  • Precise four-bar linkage mechanism and spring balance device enable smooth, stable barrier boom operation with soft start and slow stop functions, reducing driving power and extending service life.
  • Compact, powerful integrated machine core with wall-mounted installation, making assembly and disassembly easy.
  • DC 24V low voltage brushless motor adapts to global voltage (110~220±15%), ensuring safer use, less noise, low heat output, frequent use, energy conservation, and environmental protection.
  • Combination of motor hall encoder and control unit ensures precise control of the mechanism’s moving position.
  • High-integration, strong logic performance controller system compatible with toll systems, parking lots, and more.
  • Intelligent speed adjustment reduces barrier boom trembling, suitable for various occasions.
  • High-sensitivity auto-reverse function prevents incorrect operation and accidents.
  • Open-first anti-smash function: the barrier boom will open if it receives an opening signal during closing.
  • Anti-collision boom dropping-out mechanism: the boom rotates to avoid damage when hit by a vehicle.
  • High-strength precision cast steel machine case with outdoor metal powder electrostatic spraying for waterproof and dustproof protection (IP54).

Technical Specifications

Barrier Gate Model BC3015 BC4020 BC5035 BC6050
Boom Length Round boom φ75, ≤3m; Octagonal boom 80×46, ≤3m Round boom φ75, ≤4m; Octagonal boom 80×46, ≤4m Octagonal boom 100×45, ≤5m Octagonal boom 100×45, ≤6m
Open/Close Time 1.5 sec 2.0 sec 3.5 sec 5.0 sec
Transmission Ratio 1:60 / 1:120
Max. Power 140w
Power Supply AC110-240V±15%
Machine Case 1.5mm Steel Plate
Machine Case Size (W×D×H) 332 × 325 × 962mm
Net Weight 42kg
Operating Temperature Range -40~+60 ℃ (with electric heating plate below -20℃)
Driving Method Brushless DC motor + Helical gear reducer
Protection System (IP) 54
Insulation Class F
Relative Humidity ≤85%
Motor Unload Speed 1500r/min
Service Life 5 million times
Remote Control Distance ≤30m (empty environment, sunny weather)
Running Noise <50dB
Surface Treatment Outdoor metal powder electrostatic spraying

Machine Core Components

The machine core includes the motor, link rod, crank arm, rocker spring arm, spring, spring rod (upper), reduction gearbox, output shaft, boom tray head, and boom.

Installation Directions

The barrier gate can be installed either leftward or rightward fixed.

Pre-Installation Check

Barrier gate installation must be performed by a qualified technician and comply with relevant regulations. Ensure the installation direction of the boom, check for any impediments, confirm the mounting base strength and size, and ensure suitable installation spots for all related equipment.

Basic Structure Installation

Check accessories per the packing list, determine the place of anchor bolt holes and control cable, drill holes for expansion bolts or embed anchor bolts, wire the power cable and control line, and place the barrier gate correctly. Adjust the boom balance, perform power wiring, electrify check, vertical adjustment of the barrier boom, and manually open/close if needed.

Control Board Wiring

Follow the wiring instructions carefully for motor port, power port, close in place, open in place, 12V+, GND, OPEN, CLOSE, STOP, Loop Detector, Open in Place Signal NC, Close in Place Signal NC, and other specific functions.

Technical Support

For any operational failures that cannot be handled by your technical staff, contact authorized service representatives or professional assistance with model, product serial number, and controller version details.

Packing List

  • Barrier gate machine: 1 unit
  • Machine case press board: 2 pieces
  • Expansion bolt M12: 4 sets
  • Remote control: 2 units
  • Case Key: 2 units
  • Instruction: 1 piece (included in machine package)
  • Barrier gate boom: 1 unit (optional, separate package)
  • Boom holder: 1 unit (optional)
  • Expansion bolt M8: 4 sets (optional, for fixing boom holder)
  • Plug-in Machine control: 1 unit (optional)

Terms of Service

Two-year free maintenance for the system (barrier gate boom, remote control not covered), lifetime repair guarantee, and technical support. Excludes damages caused by improper installation, unstable power supply, improper installation or usage, force majeure, beyond warranty period, and unpromised service items.

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